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Playken is an entirely new way to manage your gaming portfolio. Boost revenue, maximise engagement and reward your best players, all in one SDK.

Easy to implement

Integration made easy with a simple SDK. Manage your portfolio within minutes

Targeting is back

Players login to a single account across multiple games, meaning granular data on every user.

Completely customisable

Unify your portfolio with fully customisable currency and UI.

Engage and retain

Keep the best players in your games. Use missions to move users and maximise LTV.

Roadmap for 2024


  • Unity SDK Launch
  • Roll out SDK for all major game engines (Unreal, Godot etc)


  • Off Portal Billing
  • Launch the functionality for users to purchase currency off of the Google Play & Apple App Store


  • Launch App Distribution Platform
  • Development of User Acquisition Platform
  • Adds the ability to acquire new users from outside your portfolio

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